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Fireworks Spectacular!

Fireworks spectacular!

Friday 7th November 2014

Gates open 6pm, Fireworks 6.30pm

Fantastic fireworks display set to music. Hot food, refreshments & light up toys for sale.

Come and join us for this family-friendly fireworks event.

Adults £3.50, children £2.50, under 5’s free – pay on the gate

Tel/text 07760 237 485

All proceeds in aid of the school. Run by Friends of College House, Charity no. 518492

Sorry no dogs or alcohol on site.

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Anna Soubry …….latest

Hello again,
This is a short email. The Government has published the motion which MP’s debate tomorrow following the recall of Parliament. I will be attending the debate which begins at 10.30 with votes expected from 5pm. The motion supports air strikes against ISIL in Iraq.

I was against the invasion and war in Iraq back in 2003. We are in a very different situation today and the military action we are considering is also very different. If Parliament votes in favour of the motion, we will launch air strikes against ISIL; there will be no ground troop and Syria is specifically excluded from any air strikes by British forces..

Iraq is a democracy with a stable Government under a new Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, who has made it clear he wants to include both Sunni and Shia Muslims in his Government. Mr al – Abadi and the Iraqi Government has asked us to help defend their people from the terror and barbarity of ISIL. I am also of the firm view that ISIL is a threat to Britain and indeed much of the world.
The other important consideration, is that other countries in the Middle East, notably in my view Saudi Arabia, are part of the international alliance determined to stop ISIL. I believe it was very significant that 5 Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, have been actively supporting American air strikes in recent days.

As I understand it, both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party support the motion and achieving political unity on such an important national matter is critically important.

I welcome your comments and views.

If you are able to follow the debate, it is being broadcast on a number of radio and TV channels tomorrow.

I hope to send out a round up of my news in the next few days.

As ever,


motion on air strikes against ISIL.

That this House
Condemns the barbaric acts of ISIL against the peoples of Iraq including the Sunni, Shia, Kurds, Christians and Yazidi and the humanitarian crisis this is causing; recognizes the clear threat ISIL pose to the territorial integrity of Iraq and the request from the Government of Iraq for military support from the international community and the specific request to the UK Government for such support; further recognizes the threat ISIL poses to wider international security and the UK directly through its sponsorship of terrorist attacks and its murder of a British hostage; acknowledges the broad coalition contributing to military support of the Government of Iraq, including countries throughout the Middle East; further acknowledges the request of the Government of Iraq for international support to defend itself against the threat ISIL poses to Iraq and its citizens, and the clear legal basis that this provides for action in Iraq; notes that this motion does not endorse UK air strikes in Syria as part of this campaign and any proposal to do so would be subject to a separate vote in Parliament; accordingly supports Her Majesty’s Government, working with allies, in supporting the Government of Iraq in protecting civilians and restoring its territorial integrity, including the use of UK air strikes to support Iraqi, including Kurdish, security forces’ efforts against ISIL in Iraq; notes that Her Majesty’s Government will not deploy UK troops in ground combat operations; offers its wholehearted support to the men and women of Her Majesty’s armed forces.

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Steve Barber update

Plessey Site update

As I promised; I now have an update on the application for the Plessey Site:

Negotiations have been on-going regarding school places. Clearly the Rylands Junior School will need expanding to take care of the need generated by the additional housing. However, we need to think ahead and be in a position for further expansion should the Boots/Severn Trent applications go ahead. With that in mind the following modifications have been made to the application:

▪ The total number of residences; 285, remains the same.

▪ No housing on the Trent Vale Sports Ground (there were to be 28), this land will be reserved for “sports pitch/leisure expansion”.

▪ 0.35 Ha land immediately made available next to the school for expansion.

▪ 0.74Ha land made available for future school expansion, the above two plots to be taken out of the main site behind the Trent Vale Road properties, up to and inc. behind no 23.

▪ More housing / less commercial land on the main site.

The last point is probably the most controversial. It is land owned by Notts County Council who are prepared to swop it for land owned by the applicant, actually the County get just over 1 Ha for 0.67 Ha. There will also be a net gain of land on the sports field which will remain as leisure use.▪ The 0.67 Ha playing field site adjacent to Trent Vale Road and on the corner of Trent Road to be used for housing.

Neighbours and those who have written in should receive notification about this new application in the next few days. There is a further consultation period and of course following this further alterations could be made, before it comes before the Development Control Committee probably on 8 October. The detailed plans should be on the Broxtowe website in the morning. In the meantime I have the revised Masterplan, email me if you would like a copy.



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Steve Barber, latest news.

Events Galore

This weekend is a busy one for Beeston and especially the Rylands we have:

Canalside Heritage Centre at the Boat and Horses
Saturday from 10am to 4pm;
* Traditional Folk music and Morris dancing
* Vintage Bus Service and display
* Refreshments, cake stall and Tombola
* All manner of heritage displays, including corn dollies, spinning, weaving, bobbin lace, proddy rug making, crochet and embroidery.
* Narrow boat trips from the lock

I understand there will be a record (for Beeston ) number of Morris and folk dancers present. This looks like a big one! All proceeds are towards the Canal Heritage Centre which has now raised 93% of the necessary money to provide this terrific facility.

Rylands Community Fair at Trent Vale Infant School
Saturday 12 noon to 3 pm
This is a free event for everyone to enjoy. There will be hot food, ice cream, ponies, sports games, local groups and much more. Come along to see what the Rylands has to offer.

Beeston Heritage Open Days

This takes place over the weekend with 25 venues throughout the town. For example there will be a talk on the Archaeology unearthed during the tramworks (Sat 11-3 with a talk at 1pm) at Bartons on Chilwell Road or see the oldest frame knitting machine (over 200 years old) still in regular commercial production working in the shawl factory next door.

Boots Planning Application

We have now received the first planning application for the Boots site, which is for the new road and other infrastructure, click The formal consultation process started on 8 September and runs to the 29 September, use the link to make representations or write to the Council planning department with reference number above. As can be seen from here the road access from Beeston will be at the current Lilac Grove entrance; I am anxious that this will also serve any housing developments on the Severn Trent land and there will be no vehicular access from the Meadow Road end. This is in addition to the applications received by the City Council for development on their side of the boundary. Please let me know what you think.

Plessey Site

The application for the Plessey site is further advanced, it should have been decided last night but there has been a delay whilst a few points are sorted out . I should have more detail early next week and I shall send out a special Newsletter once I know. If you have any thoughts on the changes you will need to act quickly as we hope to bring it to the Development Control Committee meeting on 8 October. In the meantime watch this space!

Tram Tracks and Cycles

There have been a number of incidents with cyclists on roads with tram tracks. I have always pressed for as much safety as possible and called for the flangeways to be filled until the roads are properly marked out and the kerbside obstructions are removed, this happened in Porthmadog North Wales. Two of my friends who have come a cropper agree with me. I shall admit that a few years ago I learnt the hard way when I came off in the Old Market Square so I welcome a training initiative. On Thursday 18 Sept 6pm to 8pm and Sat 20 Sept 10am to midday, free cakes and cycle training wrt tram lines are available. Turn up with your bike at the cycle stands outside Tesco on Station Road for a tour around various locations where this is important.

Best Wishes, and I’ll be in touch once I know more about Plessey.


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Anna Soubry, Latest News

Hello again,
It has been a particularly busy week mainly thanks to the Invictus Games which finishes on Sunday. As the Minister for Veterans, I have a special interest in the event which has seen teams of wounded former service men and women from all round the world, in competition.

There is a lot of constituency news – notably about next week’s important vote on the future of our Green Belt land.

There are some great events this weekend so please scroll on down to the Diary section;  a special plug for the Forever Stars Ball on October 3rd. This is a Broxtowe based charity to raise money for facilities at the QMC for parents who have suffered a still birth. Get your tickets now please! And don’t forget the “and finally …”!
As ever,

Save Our Green Belt – vital Council meeting on Wednesday.

Broxtowe Borough Council meets on Wednesday to decide whether to give the go ahead to their controversial “Core Strategy”, which would allow thousands of houses on our Green Belt land.
Today, I met the Planning and Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis and his officials and as a result have written to Eric Pickles asking him to intervene. It would be a first, but I believe Broxtowe’s plans, which I accept have been approved by the Planning Inspector, are so at odds with Government policy that Green Belt land should not be built on save for exceptional circumstances, they require scrutiny at the highest level. I know there will be legal action based on similar grounds.

In my letter to Eric I also rely on Broxtowe’s bad plans for Toton and express my view, which is shared by many others, that if HS2 is to provide the many benefits it promises, we need world class economic development at Toton Sidings, not over 500 houses.

The Council meet on Wednesday at 7pm. Save Broxtowe’s Greenbelt is planning a demonstration at the Town Hall in Beeston.

One of the reasons so many people are opposed to Broxtowe’s plan is that it puts housing development on Green Belt land before building homes on our brown field sites. Developers have applied to build 675 homes on the Boots site and a further 280 in Beeston Rylands – both brown field sites that should be developed long before we give away our precious Green Belt land.

White Hills Park Federation plans

I have written to the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan about the Federation’s plans for £20 million of new school buildings and other improvements. Schools Minister, David Laws has assured me that any plan to sell land can only be done with the consent of the Sec. of State who will want to be satisfied the Federation has consulted with the local community and Borough Council.
Alderman White has applied for “priority school funding” and I will add my support to their application which I hope will help considerably with this important project.

Stapleford Carnival’s Iron Ladies!

It was really good to see so many friendly and familiar faces at last week’s Stapleford Carnival. Mind you it was my first encounter with the Man of Iron’s Ladies darts team. This  great bunch of women raise serious money for various charities and are worthy of all support. 

Kimberley Town Council update
There continues to be considerable concern about the running of Kimberley Town Council. I have spoken to the auditors, Grant Thornton, who say they hope to present the accounts by the end of the month, but are investigating the various complaints raised by former Councillors and myself about the lack of transparency and other matters concerning the Council’s finances.

I have written to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Cimmunities and Local government following representations from five former Councillors. The Council is not being properly run and we are further concerned that complaints to Broxtowe Borough Council were not acted upon. There is a real need to ensure proper recourse for people facing a rogue town or parish council and I understand the Government is looking at how we can improve the system. 10 out of 15 Councillors has now resigned including 2 Green, 1 Labour and 1 Conservative.

Meanwhile, former Town Councillor and Green Party member, Kat Boettge has accepted a fresh apology from Kimberley Town and Borough Councillor, Andy Cooper, who used highly offensive and racist language against Kat in an email to all Councillors and the Town Clerk. However, Kat has repeated her call for Cooper to resign, which he continues to refuse to do.
Andy failed to see the person when he chose to insult Kat and instead saw her nationality. In law race and nationality are the same.
Former Town Councillor, Labour’s Janet Pearce, who is the tenth Councillor to resign, was the first to describe Coopers comments as racist and offensive.
However, local Labour supporters rushed to Coopers defence launching a rather vicious attack on any of us daring to call for his resignation. This has been a shameful episode. If Andy had apologised immediately, understanding why his comment was so offensive, it would have been the end of the matter.

In all of this it has been forgotten that a few years ago, Labour didn’t hesitate to call for a Lib Dem Councillor to resign when he used the utterly vile “n word” in a Council meeting. Councillor Cooper meanwhile is to be sent on a “diversity course”; I hope he is paying for it.

Tram works update
Fencing – result!
Let me be the first to congratulate Broxtowe Borough Councillors who voted unanimously last night for 3.4 metre fencing along the tram route in Chilwell.
Milan Radulovic proposed the change seconded by Chilwell Councillor Richard Jackson. I really do hope this is the end of the matter, for the sake of long suffering residents.
Hotel accommodation for residents
One of the best kept secrets was out this week, as you may have heard and seen on BBC East Midlands Today. Residents on Lower Road have been put up in hotels during all night working. We all agreed not to publicise the arrangements because of security fears. I have called (again) for residents who have suffered so much for almost two years to receive compensation.

Cycling danger
I have had more complaints from cyclists who have suffered really nasty injuries when their bikes became caught in tram tracks. I continue to raise this with NET and will report back.

Bramcote Hills Golf Course – tidy up promised

Following my email to Broxtowe Borough Council, the owners have been contacted and have agreed to tidy up the site off Thoresby Road within the next three weeks.

Rumbletums wins award
Congratulations to Kimberley’s Rumbletums cafe who have been named “Cafe of the Year” by the Kimberley and Eastwood Advertiser.

Nuthall bus plug 

I have received reports that fines issued by Nottinghamshire County Council to motorists using the Nuthall ‘Bus Plug’ on Bank Holidays have been overturned on appeal because of poor signage. Understandably, this has angered constituents who have already paid fines. I am supporting County Councillor Cllr Philip Owen who wants fairness for all. Best of all we want a better system that doesn’t penalise local drivers!

What’s on in Broxtowe and surgery details
Today – Sunday 14 September
Heritage Open Days
Where:  Attenborough, Beeston, Bramcote, Chilwell, Stapleford, Toton and Wollaton.

What’s on:  This year’s Heritage open days are set to be jam packed. For the full line up please click here.

- – – – – – – -
Saturday 13 September
Rylands Community Fair  

12 noon till 3pm
Where:  Trent Vale Infant School.
What’s on:  There is plenty for everyone to enjoy including sports, bouncy castle, food, drinks, prizes and much more. Entry is Free.
- -
Grand Ceilidh   
Where:  The Boat and Horses, Trent Road, Beeston, NG91LP.
What’s on:  Special guest appearance of the Black Pig Border Morris Dancers, tickets cost £10 please call 0115 922 9831 for tickets.  All proceeds raised for the Canalside Heritage Centre.
– -

Craft Fair
10am till 3pm
Where: St Mary’s Church Hall
What’s on: Craft fair with a selection of tables, refreshments will be available too.
- – – – – – – -
Sunday 14 September
Exhibition of Toton’s past and current archaeology  
Where:  Sports Pavilion, Toton Manor Farm Recreation Ground.
What’s on:  This is part of Beeston and District Civic Society Heritage open day events.
- – – – – – – -
Monday 15 September
Tea for Two
10am and 1pm
Where:  VAB – Oban House, 8 Chilwell Road, Beeston.
What’s on:  National campaign aimed at breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues.  Time to change sessions are running every Monday from now until the end of October.  Everyone is welcome but places must be pre-booked, please email
- -
Beeston Wildlife Group, new talk – Dolphins
7:30pm till 9:30pm
Where:  Trent Vale Infants School.
What’s on:  A slide illustrated talk by Robert Alan-Haven.  For more details please click here.
- – – – – – – -
Wednesday 17 September
Signposting Course
Where:  Holy Trinity Church, Eastwood Road, Kimberley.
What’s on:  Rumbletums, in partnership with St Patrick’s Holy Trinity Church and the Transforming Notts Together Project will be running the course which is aimed at helping staff and volunteers who come across vulnerable people, to sign post them to external support services. If you would like to attend please call Jeff on 0115 945 9421.
- – – – – – – -
Thursday 18 September
Chilwell’s Creative Corner
5pm till 9pm
Where:  178 High Road, Chilwell, NG9 5DW.
What’s on:  Open invitation to come to the first official event showcasing; Attik, Created By Hand, Fusion Café, Mish Mash Gallery and Tranquillity.  There will be arts and crafts demonstrations, music and special offers.  Please click here to visit the website.
- – – – – – – -
Friday 19 September – Sunday 21 September
Beeston Food and Drink Weekend   
What’s on:  A weekend celebrating all of Beeston’s food and drink establishments, street food market, farmers market, street entertainment and much more.  Please click here for more details.
- -
Vintage Tea Parlour
10am till 4pm
Where:  Oban House, 8 Chilwell Road, Beeston.
What’s on:  Homemade cakes, afternoon tea, toasties and much more.
- – – – – – – -
Saturday 20 September

10am -12pm
Beeston Library
Please call the office for an appointment

Readers Network Event

1:30 till 3:30pm
Where:  Beeston Library.
What’s on:  For anyone who likes reading and talking about books; fiction, nonfiction and poetry. There will be a poetry theme this time, so please bring a poem about a tree – this is optional, there is also the opportunity to swap a poetry book.  The Vintage Pop Up Cafe will also feature.  Any question please contact

- – – – – – – -
Wednesday 24 September
Cabaret Show – Paul Tayler’s Swing Thing
Where: Boat & Horses, Trent Road, Beeston.
What’s on: Music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; providing a social evening for people to meet and enjoy the shows. Cost is £5 on the door.
- – – – – – – -
Friday 26 September
Country Market   
7:30am till 11:45am
Where:  Wollaton Road Methodist Church, Wollaton Road, Beeston.
What’s on:  The market takes place every Friday morning, everything is home grown, home baked and hand crafted.
- – – – – – – -
Friday 3 October
Forever Stars Gala Dinner    
Where:  East Midlands Conference Centre.
What’s on:  Event in aid of Forever Stars Charity.  Tickets are £45pp, for more information please email
- – – – – – – -
Sunday 5 October
Kimberley and District Striders 10 Goose Fair Gallop    
Where:  Race starts at Kimberley leisure Centre.
What’s on:  The event involves a 10 Kilometre run along roads, bridle ways and path ways.  For full details please click here.
- – – – – – – -
Wednesday 8 October
Dig In – Stapleford     
10am till 12 noon
Where:  Albany Allotments site, Pasture Road, Stapleford NG9 8HZ
What’s on:  Dig In is Stapleford’s community allotment, where people from different ages and backgrounds come together to share skills, knowledge and experience of food growing.  – – – – – – – -
Friday 10 October
World Sight Day – Notts – Derby Hemlockstone Lions Club      
10am till 4pm
Where:  Stapleford Care Centre, Church Street.
What’s on:  Celebrating Lions Sight Awareness Week, in trying to prevent sight loss and helping those people with sight loss and impaired vision. They are hoping to attract companies, charities and people involved with sight problems along to the event as well as the general public.
- – – – – – – -
Saturday 11 October
Autumn Fair – Attenborough and Chilwell Women’s Club       
10am till 12 noon
Where:  Attenborough Village Hall.
What’s on:  Autumn Fair where proceeds go to local charities, there will be stalls, refreshments, raffle, tombola and much more.

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Anna Soubry…..Latest news

Kimberley Residents Meeting – people power!

Hello again,

More than 60 people attended a meeting of Kimberley Residents Association this evening amidst growing concerns about the running of the Town Council. 9 out of 15 original Councillors have resigned amongst them Independents, a Conservative and two Green Party members – most of whom attended the meeting. No-one is suggesting corruption but there is concern that the Council’s reserves have all but been spent and Councillors are consistently denied financial details.
I have already written to the district auditors and will take up all allegations with the Borough Council’s legal department. It now appears there will be a by-election for the two vacancies and I hope voters will exercise their right and send a clear message to the controlling Labour group that they are out of order, undemocratic and spending tax payers’ money irresponsibly.

Pub refurb marks Stapleford on the mend?

I opened the new look Midland Hotel in Stapleford last night and my best wishes to the new landlady, Kate Carlin. The town now has an excellent collection of pubs serving everyone’s needs; with the new Iceland store reaching completion and plans for an Aldi in the town I just get the feeling that Stapleford’s fortunes are on the up. I think there is room for other supermarkets which would complement not out-compete existing independent retailers. In my view local businesses and traders tend to know better than politicians and officials but we need ideas from everyone, a vision and advice from experts.

Save Our Green Belt!

It is more than likely that there will be a legal challenge to the plans for housing development as put forward by Broxtowe, Gedling and Nottingham City Councils. The challenge is likely to come from a group of parish councils outside Broxtowe but if successful could play a huge part in saving our Green Belt from Broxtowe’s plans to allow more than 3,000 houses on it. I understand that STRAG (who I am honoured to work with to stop development on Field Farm in Stapleford) will be supporting the legal challenge.
I particularly support the argument that Broxtowe has failed to look and assess all our brownfield sites – there is growing evidence we can build thousands of new homes on these sites and spare our Green Belt. I will keep you informed of what is happening.

Tram meeting
I am meeting the City and County Councils, NET and constructors tomorrow for our regular get together when I raise constituents’ concerns about the tram works. The recent gridlocks will be high up the list!

Lower/Fletcher/Albert Roads
My thanks to Alison Dobbs who so ably represents and works for residents on Lower/Fletcher and Albert Roads and who has provided me with a troublingly lengthy list of problems.

Broxtowe Council leader Milan Radulovic has assured me he is determined to keep his promise to residents and ensure they get 3m solid with .4 trellis fencing if they want it to screen homes from the tram. TWA have different view on this ridiculous situation which needs sorting along with other problems residents face. I find it staggering that residents who have put up with so much, have lost their peace and quiet, can’t have the ruddy fence they want!

Tram lines catch cyclists

A number of constituents have suffered serious injury after falling from their bikes whilst negotiating the new tram tracks. There clearly is a problem and I have accordingly contacted NET. In turn they have helpfully provided me with details on advice to cyclists. Again I will raise these matters at tomorrows meeting.

Tram fine scandal

I have had a number of very serious complaints about the way passengers have been treated by ticket enforcers on the tram.
In one case a lone female passenger was reduced to tears; everyone who has contacted me commented how they were humiliated, escorted off the tram and made to feel like a “common criminal” because they didn’t know the new system. Pleas to buy a ticket were ignored and a £50 fine issued.
It is a disgraceful way to treat customers and I have written on their behalf asking for an explanation, an apology to constituents (and in one case their children who were also left distressed) and an assurance that this wholly unacceptable behaviour will stop. I have also asked for that staff are properly trained.
If you are one of over 600 people who have been subjected to a £50 fine because you didn’t know the new system, please contact me asap.

Rant on!
I confess I am a fan of the Tram Ranting Room on Facebook (click here ). I am happy to make clear that the NET Phase Two Discussion page is not run by or in any way connected to NET. The uncensored Ranting Room is a great way to let off steam and is a good source of information. The language is sometimes very strong and it gets a tad too personal at times, but then there are a lot of people who are utterly at their wits end because of the huge disruption caused by the tram works. I make it clear again – I like trams but will not support any extension to Kimberley until I am confident the mistakes of Line 2 will not be repeated.

Bouncing to success

Congratulations to gymnasts from Elevate Trampoline club based at Chilwell Olympia, who won two silvers and one gold medal at the first International Trampoline competition in Denmark earlier this month.

New Church in Beeston

Methodist congregations from four churches in Beeston have agreed to come together, sell their places of worship and use the proceeds for a new church in the town. I wish them well and note this is yet more potential housing development not included in the Borough Council’s plans and far more preferable to building on our Green Belt land.
What’s on in Broxtowe
Saturday 30 August
Rumbletums Silver Screen Film Night
Time: 6:45pm
Where: Rumbletums Café, Kimberley.
What’s on: “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt.
– -
Proms in the Park
Time: 7pm
Where: Dovecote Lane Recreation Ground.
What’s on: Performances are outdoors so bring chairs/ blankets and an umbrella. For the full line up please click here.
– – – – – – – -
Sunday 31 August
Awsworth, Cossall and District Villages Produce Association
Time: 9:30am till 11am
Where: The Gate Inn, Awsworth.
What’s on: For the full line up and viewing times please click here.
– – – – – – – -
Monday 1 September
Bramcote CAT meeting
Time: 7pm till 8:30pm
Where: Bramcote Memorial Hall. This meeting will discuss the controversial plans for new school buildings at White Hills Park Fed.
– -
Charity Fashion Show and Clothing Sale
Time: 7pm
Where: Kettlebrook Lodge, Kimberley.
What’s on: Tickets cost £5 including a refreshment, please click here for the full details.
– – – – – – – -
Wednesday 3 September
Open Consultation Event
Time: 6pm till 8pm
Where: The Quadrant, Nuart Road, Beeston, NG9 2NH.
What’s on: Meet with other local businesses owners to network, discuss issues and ideas. Please click here for full details.
– -
Trowell CAT meeting
Time: 7:30pm till 9pm
Where: Trowell Parish Hall.
– – – – – – – -
Saturday 6 September
DKam – Dads & Kids in the Morning
Time: 10am till 12pm
Where: Pastures Community Church, 166 Pastures Road, Stapleford, NG9 8GQ.
What’s on: The event is aimed at children and their dads, granddads, step-dads and male carers. For the activity details please click here.
– -
Stapleford Charity Carnival
Time: 11:30am – official opening 12:30pm
Where: Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground, Stapleford.
What’s on: Charity carnival organised by Notts, Derby Hemlockstone Lions Club, there will be entertainment, attractions, stalls, fairground rides, classic vehicles and much more.
– – – – – – – -
Monday 8 September
Athletics Club
Time: 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Where: The Pearson Centre, 2 Nuart Road, Beeston.
What’s on: Athletics club for primary school children aged 5 to 11. £3 per session, please call 0115 925 4112 for availability.
– – – – – – – -
Wednesday 10 September
Stapleford Jobs Fair
Time: 10am till 2pm
Where: The Meeting Place, 22-26 Nottingham Road, Stapleford, NG9 8AA.
What’s on: This will be Stapleford Community Group’s fourth Jobs Fair. For details please click here.
– – – – – – – -
Thursday 11 September – Sunday 14 September
Heritage Open Days
Where: Attenborough, Beeston, Bramcote, Chilwell, Stapleford, Toton and Wollaton.

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Steve Barber …….latest

Bus Station Blues

Pedestrian access to/from the bus station is now at a very low point. Due to the Square refurbishment work (nothing to do with the tram this time) the Station Road pavement to Birds is closed. The waymarked route is to cross over to in front of Tescos at the pelican crossing then walk up to the High Road crossing. The route in front of B&M to the Square is shut for another 4 weeks; I have asked for this to be opened early as things are desperate but I’m not holding my breath. To crown it all the pavement outside the Crown on Middle St is closed and you need to walk on the opposite side by the old police station. Rylanders may find it easier to get off the 18 bus at the Commercial on Wollaton Road and walk back to the High Road or cross over for Sainsburys. You can get back on nearby to return. The new bus station is well under way and I have asked for that to be opened as soon as possible, as I believe the old one is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Blue Plaques

The Beeston Civic Society have unveiled a number of blue plaques on historic buildings throughout the town (click here for details). They are to unveil two more relevant to the Rylands then close this program. Many of you will remember Sid Standard who had a cycle shop on Chilwell Road and for years took youngsters out on rides whatever the weather every Sunday. He lived in the Rylands and his wife Kath still does. I am pleased to say that a Blue Plaque will be unveiled at his shop on 14 September at 10:00am (here for details). Sir Paul Smith used to ride with Sid and has generously contributed to the fund.
The final plaque will be on Beeston station which is the only station between Nottingham and Derby still in its original location and serving its original purpose.

Yoga class

Rylands resident Yvonne Patrick is starting a new Yoga class at the White Lion Here are the details:

Improve your flexibility & sense of wellbeing.
Venue: White Lion. Middle Street, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1FX

Mondays 10:30-11:45
Commencing September 29th 2014
Block of 6 classes £30 or £7 drop in
To book a place or for more information please contact Yvonne on 07880624336 or
Univ Bvd before works
Queens Road junction

I’ve been away for a week so have not been able to visit the junction, how’s it been behaving? Were there any major issues? I went to have a look at the work today and although there clearly is a lot to do we seem to be through the worst. The draconian closure planned for next week has been cancelled, but there will still be overnight works and off-peak lane closures; I expect these to be kept to a minimum. However, next week-end is going to be the big difficult finale and I strongly advise avoiding the area by car. It will effectively be closed from 20:00 on Friday to 05:00 on Monday. I am assured that emergency vehicles can get through as can cycles and pedestrians. Click here for details. Hopefully we will then be through with major works at that junction.

Best Wishes and enjoy the Bank Holiday



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