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Hello again,
This afternoon I attended a special service at St Helen’s, Stapleford to commemorate the 188 men from the town who were killed in the First World War, and whose names are recorded on a memorial in the church. I hope you will take the opportunity to visit the church and learn more about each and everyone of them.

Congratulations to all the awards winners from George Spencer Academy – Thursday’s ceremony was great fun and further proof of the excellence of this outstanding school.

For more news and views please read on!

As ever,

Tram shambles doesn’t spoil the party

Despite the devastating news that the road will now not be open until some time in November, shoppers and traders put out the bunting for a street party on High and Chilwell Roads in Beeston, yesterday.

The party mood continued until the early hours of this morning with the annual Oxjam across the town.

The tram constructors and NET had promised Chilwell/High Road, which has been closed for over 18 months, would be open this weekend. On Thursday a reporter from the Nottingham Post arrived with the news it now will not be fully open to traffic until the end of November. Some shop keepers were in tears after buying their Christmas stock but now facing another bleak season.

TWA dumped the blame on Severn Trent Water who swiftly issued as strong a rebuttal as I have ever seen.

By Friday we were determined to turn the adverse publicity into a good news story and promote Saturday’s party. My thanks to Oxjam and the Beeston Bid who kept up everyone’s spirits and organised a great day. Considerable thanks goes to our beleaguered but great independent shops and businesses in Beeston who rallied round, and of course to everyone who turned up.

I was particularly struck by the wise words of Beeston Councillor, Greg Marshall, when we opened the event and then had a good chat. Greg and I couldn’t be further apart in Broxtowe political terms (he’s what I would call a proper leftie and I strongly suspect he would take that as a compliment!). But Greg absolutely “gets it” when it comes to the tram works – he acknowledges the chaos and disruption and like me agrees lessons must be learnt. What we saw again this week was yet another broken promise and appalling bad communication.

I simply don’t understand why other Labour politicians always side with TWA/NET and forget they should be supporting the people and businesses so badly affected by the tram works. It is also time TWA got its act together, admit it when they have made a mistake and say sorry.

Facebook pages on the rise

There are a growing number of facebook pages which may interest you.

Save Broxtowe’s Green Belt

The pro HS2 South Broxtowe 2020 group

Stapleford Community Group posts on an almost hourly basis! It’s a great mixture of news from in and around Stapleford.

The Broxtowe Borough Council Ranting Room is attracting interest

There is the Net Phase 2 Discussion Group

And finally the Tram ranting room which is a very popular place for people to vent their frustrations about the tram works. I am a contributor!

John McGrath killing; report finds failings in Notts Police.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission have identified a number of failings by Nottinghamshire Police in the months leading up to the death of John McGrath and the serious wounding of his wife, Mabel. You may recall that John was killed back in 2009 by his grandson, William Barnard, who was seriously mentally ill at the time. In June the Coroner identified important failings by both local mental health services and the police that meant William was at liberty when in fact he should have been detained.

It it the view of the family and I that Nottinghamshire Police having failed to arrest William for a knife point attempted robbery in the months before he stabbed his grandparents, then held a secret inquiry into those events which was all part of a deliberate cover up. Neither Notts Police nor the IPCC have understood that the family are good, sensible people not prone to telling lies and making up stories.

I am sorry to report the IPCC report is inadequate and having met the family yesterday I will be seeking a meeting with the Police Minister, Mike Penning and asking the Home Affairs Select Committee to consider its own inquiry into the IPPC, which I fear is not the body it should be. I will of course keep you informed.

Brave Natalie sets up first national bullying helpline

I am delighted that Natalie Harveys’s Combat Bullying campaign is about to launch the first national helpline for anyone suffering from being bullied.
Natalie came to see me some time ago and I have been proud to support her campaign. As a result of our meeting Natalie has been working with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Bullying and her organisation goes from strength to strength.

Immigration – your views matter

Congrats to Stapleford Community Group

Pasture Road is to get a Puffin Crossing after a campaign by residents led by Stapleford Community Group. 300 people signed a petition resulting in Notts County Council agreeing to fund the project. Congratulations to Richard MacRae and Kerri Blakemore for their hard work to secure the crossing which will benefit everyone in the area.

Working for you in Parliament
Last Monday Parliament voted in favour of recognising Palestine as an independent state. It was a back bench debate so following the convention I did not participate in the debate or the vote as I am a Government Minister. There were a number of excellent speeches and I would urge anyone who has an interest in Palestine and indeed Israel to read the full debate

What’s on in Broxtowe 

Monday 20 October
Beeston Wildlife Group meeting – Golden Eagle Futures
7:30pm till 9:30pm
Please click here for the details.
– -
Tea for Two
10am and 1pm
Where:  Voluntary Action Broxtowe Oban House, 8 Chilwell Road, Beeston.
What’s on:  Everyone is welcome but places must be pre booked.  Please click here for full details.  Tea for Two will also take place on the 27th.
– -
Free computer skills drop-in
1pm till 3pm
Where: Rumbletums Café, Kimberley.
What’s on:  An opportunity to get some advice on tricky stuff you have been struggling with.  For full details please click here.
– – – – – – – -
Tuesday 21 October
Baking and Bread making in Beeston
10am till 12:30pm
Where: Beeston Youth and Community Center.
What’s on:  A festive recipe from the great British Bake-Off, Chetna’s orange Savarin with cinnamon cream.  Full details here.
– – – – – – – -
Wednesday 22 October
Nuthall and Kimberley Memory Group
10:15 till 12 noon
Where:  Rumbletums Café, Kimberley.
What’s on:  Self-help group meeting to offer support to dementia suffers and their carers.
– -
Beeston Central CAT meeting
7pm till 8:30pm
Where:  Queens Road Methodist Church.
– – – – – – – -
Thursday 23 October
Greasley, Giltbrook, Newthorpe and Moorgreen CAT meeting
6:30pm till 8:00pm
Where:  Greasley Parish Hall.
– – – – – – – -
Friday 24 October
Charity Golf Day
From 12 noon
Where:  Beeston Fields Golf Club.
What’s on:  Charity golf day in aid of the Mayor of Broxtowe’s Charities (Hope and Cancer Research).  Tickets cost £40 which includes a bacon cob and a one course dinner.  Please click here for full details.
– -
Local Jazz Festival
Where:  Bartons, High Road Chilwell, NG9 4AJ.
What’s on:  The two day festival is one of the ‘NOT’ series of events happening over the weekend.  Full details here.
– – – – – – – -
Saturday 25 October
Guided Walks
10am till 1pm
Where:  Attenborough Nature Reserve.
What’s on:  Free Guided Walk by The Beeston Wildlife Group.
– – – – – – – -
Tuesday 28 October
CAT Meetings
All 7pm till 8:30pm
Stapleford South East – The Meeting Place.
Beeston Noth – The Children’s Centre, Beeston Fields Primary.
Beeston West – Beeston Town Hall.
– – – – – – – -
Thursday 30 October
Stapleford North CAT meeting
7pm till 8:30pm
Where:  Washington Drive Community Center.
– – – – – – – -
Friday 31 October
Halloween party fundraiser for Combat Bullying
4pm till 6pm
Where:  The Village Hotel.
What’s on:  Children’s Halloween party in aid of Combat Bullying. Full details here.
– – – – – – – -
Saturday 1 November
Craft Fair for Christian Aid
10am till 12noon
Where:  Attenborough Village Hall.
What’s on:  Craft stalls, a raffle and refreshments. Cost is £1, all proceeds are in support of the Christian Aid.
- –
Scouts Fireworks and Bonfire night
Where:  Hemlock Scout Camp, Access via Common Lane, Bramcote.  
Cost is £6 for adults and £3 for children (under 5s are free).  
- –
Halloween Scare Fest
Where:  Bartons Plc – Barton Hall, 63 High Road.
Full details here on the Bartons website.
– – – – – – – -
Thursday 6 November
Beeston U3A open meeting
Where:  Chilwell Road Methodist Church.
What’s on:  George Buchanan talks about growing up at Hodstock Priory and find out more about Beeston U3A here.  
– – – – – – – -
Friday 7 November
College House Junior School Fireworks Spectacular!   
Where:  College House Junior School, Cator Lane, Chilwell.
Full details here.
– – – – – – – -
Saturday 8 November
Greasley Commemoration Coffee Morning   
10am till 12pm
Where:  Greasley Parish Hall.
What’s on:  Exhibition of 1914-18 archive material, sights and sounds and the opportunity to place a poppy on the remembrance board.
– – – – – – – -
Remembrance Sunday 9 November    
There will be services taking place all over the constituency; Awsworth, Beeston, Cossall, Greasley, Kimberley, Nuthall, Stapleford and Trowell.

The Civic commemoration is in Beeston with a parade starting from the RBL to the War Memorial at 10:30am followed by a service.    

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Steve Barber ………….latest

Walk on Sunday

Join your councillors for a walk around the Rylands on Sunday. We shall meet at the Boat and Horses car park at 10:30 and invite you to guide us to look at various aspects, good, bad, planned and hoped for around the Rylands. This is your walk and an opportunity to share how we see the Rylands developing. Points of interest could include:
* Plessey Site and in particular the Trent Vale Road Sports Ground.
* Canal and Lock Cottages
* Leyton Crescent recreational areas and proposals for the Boots/Severn Trent land.
* Station
* Bus shelters

However, it’s up to you where we go; just turn up at 10:30.

Kate Foale

See you on Sunday

Kate, Steve and Frank

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South Broxtowe 20/20 ! Press release: 13 October 2014!

South Broxtowe 20/20 have expressed their concern, over press reports that Toton looks set to
lose out on the proposed HS2 Phase 2 hub station, when the preliminary report into the Phase 2
route is published on the 27th October.
The group, which is made up of members from across South Broxtowe communities have
repeatedly argued that Toton was in danger of losing the East Midlands Hub station unless greater
emphasis was placed on economic growth and development in the areas around the proposed
station. They have also previously called for a regional development corporation to be formed, so
that an unbiased long term strategic approach could be taken, maximising the potential of the high
speed rail line.
Following the provisional route announcement in 2013, Broxtowe Borough council designated the
area around the proposed hub station as a “strategic location for growth’, identifying around 73 ha.
of land for primarily residential development.
The group have always argued that this decision was incredibly premature and that the land should
remain in the greenbelt until there was greater certainty about the HS2 Phase 2 route. Michelle
Patel of South Broxtowe 20/20 said “This just goes to how that our fears for this land have been
justified. HS2 was used as a reason to push forward development in Toton and remove land from
the greenbelt for housing, at a time when the emphasis should have been on the economic growth
potential and long term opportunities HS2 could bring to the local area”
Mia Kee of South Broxtowe 20/20 said “Now is the time for all the political parties at Broxtowe
Borough Council to work together to make sure HS2 Ltd are aware that the council are serious
about using HS2 as a catalyst for growth and not just an excuse to build houses. It would be a
travesty if their lack of vision for the site resulted in them losing HS2 for the borough.”


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Steve Barber…………latest

NHS; Have your say

The NHS are hosting a number of meetings for you to have your say about how they are performing and what you think they should be doing. The next event is next Tuesday (14 October) at 7.30pm at the Leyton Crescent Community Centre. There is a proposal for a new practice in the Rylands (near the station) and there have been issues at a number of Beeston practices lately so this could be an ideal opportunity to shape the future for us all.
Beeston Business Park
Meeting tonight

A quick reminder that there is a meeting at 6.00pm this evening (in a couple of hours!) at the Rylands Junior School to discuss the proposed land swop element of the Plessey site application.

Old Bikes

Travelrite, who are an organisation actively helping people to cycle, are desperate for old bikes which they want to repair, re-use and recycle as part of a project. If you have an old bike which you want rid of please email

Solar Panels

If you wonder why the Council Offices have scaffolding; it is to install solar panels on the roof. This should be complete by the end of October, it is a project which has been shown to be cost effective as well as green.


This years Oxjam event will be the biggest ever and is to take place a week on Saturday (18 October). The tram contractors are now pulling out the stops to get the width of Chilwell Road open for pedestrians for then. The cost is £7 (£3 concession) but if you get your ticket in advance it’s only £5. The list of people performing is huge and includes my son who is coming back from University especially. More details are available here including a link to buy your ticket; see you there.

If you have an event you’d like me to promote please let me know.

Best Wishes


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Steve Barber ………….latest news

Plessey Site Meeting

I reported in my last newsletter that there have been changes to the application to develop the Plessey Site. As I suspected the most controversial point has been the land swap whereas the Junior School will gain a considerable area from the main site for playing fields but will lose the block of land bounded by Trent Road, Trent Vale Road and South Road. In order to look into the issues raised the decision has been delayed until a special meeting of the Development Control Committee on 20 October (7.00 in the Town Hall, the public are invited to observe). In order that we can first hear opinions from those affected we shall hold a public meeting at the Rylands Junior School, Trent Road at 6.00pm on Thursday 9 October. (this is the school which backs on to the Plessey site, not to be confused with the Infants School). It would be very helpful if you could attend and please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. Although the official deadline for representations is Tuesday, we shall accept representations made after the Thursday meeting.

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Fireworks Spectacular!

Fireworks spectacular!

Friday 7th November 2014

Gates open 6pm, Fireworks 6.30pm

Fantastic fireworks display set to music. Hot food, refreshments & light up toys for sale.

Come and join us for this family-friendly fireworks event.

Adults £3.50, children £2.50, under 5’s free – pay on the gate

Tel/text 07760 237 485

All proceeds in aid of the school. Run by Friends of College House, Charity no. 518492

Sorry no dogs or alcohol on site.

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Anna Soubry …….latest

Hello again,
This is a short email. The Government has published the motion which MP’s debate tomorrow following the recall of Parliament. I will be attending the debate which begins at 10.30 with votes expected from 5pm. The motion supports air strikes against ISIL in Iraq.

I was against the invasion and war in Iraq back in 2003. We are in a very different situation today and the military action we are considering is also very different. If Parliament votes in favour of the motion, we will launch air strikes against ISIL; there will be no ground troop and Syria is specifically excluded from any air strikes by British forces..

Iraq is a democracy with a stable Government under a new Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, who has made it clear he wants to include both Sunni and Shia Muslims in his Government. Mr al – Abadi and the Iraqi Government has asked us to help defend their people from the terror and barbarity of ISIL. I am also of the firm view that ISIL is a threat to Britain and indeed much of the world.
The other important consideration, is that other countries in the Middle East, notably in my view Saudi Arabia, are part of the international alliance determined to stop ISIL. I believe it was very significant that 5 Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, have been actively supporting American air strikes in recent days.

As I understand it, both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party support the motion and achieving political unity on such an important national matter is critically important.

I welcome your comments and views.

If you are able to follow the debate, it is being broadcast on a number of radio and TV channels tomorrow.

I hope to send out a round up of my news in the next few days.

As ever,


motion on air strikes against ISIL.

That this House
Condemns the barbaric acts of ISIL against the peoples of Iraq including the Sunni, Shia, Kurds, Christians and Yazidi and the humanitarian crisis this is causing; recognizes the clear threat ISIL pose to the territorial integrity of Iraq and the request from the Government of Iraq for military support from the international community and the specific request to the UK Government for such support; further recognizes the threat ISIL poses to wider international security and the UK directly through its sponsorship of terrorist attacks and its murder of a British hostage; acknowledges the broad coalition contributing to military support of the Government of Iraq, including countries throughout the Middle East; further acknowledges the request of the Government of Iraq for international support to defend itself against the threat ISIL poses to Iraq and its citizens, and the clear legal basis that this provides for action in Iraq; notes that this motion does not endorse UK air strikes in Syria as part of this campaign and any proposal to do so would be subject to a separate vote in Parliament; accordingly supports Her Majesty’s Government, working with allies, in supporting the Government of Iraq in protecting civilians and restoring its territorial integrity, including the use of UK air strikes to support Iraqi, including Kurdish, security forces’ efforts against ISIL in Iraq; notes that Her Majesty’s Government will not deploy UK troops in ground combat operations; offers its wholehearted support to the men and women of Her Majesty’s armed forces.


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