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Anna Soubry News letter

Anna Soubry MP
working hard for Broxtowe

E-newsletter| August  18 2014

Hello again,
I was out and about in Kimberley on Saturday; thank you to everyone who filled in my survey and a warm welcome to new subscribers to this newsletter.
I popped into Sainsbury’s to do some shopping and came across members of the Parachute Regiment Veterans Assoc who were raising funds in the lobby. It was a treat to meet them and our combined thanks to shoppers for their generosity.
Here’s to a warm Bank Holiday weekend – it may feel rather autumnal but summer is not over and please check out the diary for some great local events.
As ever,


Record levels of employment 
Unemployment in Broxtowe has fallen yet again. There 512 more people in work since last July and 1,058 people looking for work in the constituency.  The rise in employment is very good news – we have over 500 people more people in work, earning a wage and building a better future. I am particularly pleased that youth unemployment is dropping at a record pace.
Meeting with the Environment Agency
It was a pleasure to meet Environment Agency officers to discuss a number of issues – notably problems of flooding in Trowell and Thorn Drive Giltbrook, and the future of the former bund in Attenborough. The EA were very helpful and  will be writing to residents with details of our discussions. I am pleased to say that I have finally secured a meeting with the County Councillor responsible for flood related issues to discuss the long standing problem at Boundary Brook in Trowell. 
BT say landlines will be restored by the end of the week
Hundreds of people in Beeston, Bramcote, Chilwell and Attenborough remain without their land lines and many have also lost their internet connection. BT assure me they worked through the weekend and hope to have everyone reconnected by the end of the week.
My thanks to everyone who has passed on details of loved ones and neighbours who need urgent assistance and we have had some success with BT and other providers. Please do check with your neighbours and forward on any problems to me.
View from my office on Friday.
Tram works latest –  “Park and Ride” coming to a street near you? traffic chaos and ranting on !

I met a group of people from Cator Lane North who are campaigning for a residents only parking scheme. They have severe problems with commuters blocking drives, taking spaces and so on who then catch the bus into the City and avoid the Workplace Parking Levy.
Things will only get considerably worse when the tram finally opens because there has been poor planning; commuters need  public car parks in Beeston town centre so they can take the tram and use the town’s shops and businesses on the way home.

This lack of foresight means there is a danger Beeston and parts of Chilwell will become a huge, free, park and ride in residential streets, with no advantage to our shops and businesses. I have written to the leaders of the City, County and Borough Councils urging them to address this problem as a matter of urgency  In the meantime I will help residents on Cator Lane North and Dovecote Lane who have been battling with commuter parking problems for far too long!

Road chaos
After a rather sharp email I sent to Notts Council, they have decided not to add to the traffic nightmare in Chilwell/Beeston and will defer the repainting of the pedestrian bridge on Bye Pass Road until after the tram works have finished. Meanwhile there will be road closures and more lane restrictions on University Boulevard and Queens Road.
Click here for more details on my web site.

Rant on!
It’s not for the faint hearted but it is a good way to have your say and get good local info on what is happening, so if you use Facebook you might want to join the Tram Ranting room.
Click here for the Facebook Tram Rant Room
there is also a NET run Tram discussion page
Click here for the NET Discussion page
Traditionally a good local paper provided much of the the same opportunity and service.
it is unfortunate that the Beeston Express, which was a very good community newspaper, decided to turn on residents from Lower/Fletcher and Albert Road in a front page “editorial” about a private meeting between them and the tram constructors.  
To add to the concern, letters and emails to the Editor from people who feel their comments were misrepresented or that the Editor has failed to appreciate the dreadful conditions people have been living and working in for over 18 months, have not been published in the latest edition, but “pro tram” letters have.
I am sorry to see the demise of this community newspaper. In the past the local MP had a monthly column and I was allowed the same until two years ago when the Editor cancelled it. This is her right and it is also her right not to print any of my press releases however completely non party political! It’s a pity the Editor appears to have a different attitude to the Labour Party and the “pro tram lobby” or more accurately the “rose tinted specs brigade”.
I like trams and though I have very grave concerns about the lack of planning for its arrival, it could bring considerable benefits to Beeston, Chilwell, Stapleford and Toton. But the route and a huge stack of failings has meant residents and businesses have suffered dreadfully during its construction. Those who speak out about their experiences should be listened to and their political representatives should help them. And by the way, we should not be considering extending the current network until we have learnt the lessons from the current works.
“You pays your money and takes your choice” – the problem is there is no alternative community paper to the Beeston Express other than the Rant Room!

Blue Monkey success

Congratulations to Blue Monkey brewery in Giltbrook who won a CAMRA silver award for Ape Ale, in the strong ale category at their recent Great British Beer Festival. Regular readers will know I am a big fan of the less strong BG Tips. Blue Monkey is a great local business which goes from strength to strength, as it were. 

Events in Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine
The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond has sent me a letter giving an update on the Governement’s action and policy in relation to events in Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine. Of course the situation, notably in Iraq is constantly changing and the ceasefire in Gaza continues (we have supplied £17 million of aid to the people of Gaza).
Please read the full letter by clicking here
What’s on in Broxtowe

Wednesday 20 August
Time: 10am till 4pm
Disney Theatre Workshop Day
Where:  Stapleford Methodist Church
What’s on:  Songs and dance routines from Disney favourites, for ages 5 – 11.  Please book a place by calling 07549688361.
- – – – – – – -
Thursday 21 August
Top House Beer Festival
Where:  The White Lion, Town Street, Bramcote.
What’s on:  Thursday 21 August till Monday 25 August Festival with over 20 beers, live music, charity raffle and much more.   
Inham Nook Free Play Fun Day
Time:  12 noon till 4pm
Where:  Inham Nook, Chilwell. Vehicle entrance via Blandford Avenue, NG9 4GY
What’s on:  Everyone is welcome. For more information please call 0115 917 3695.  .
- – – – – – – -
Friday 22 August
Time:  10am till 4pm
Vintage Tea Parlour
Where:  Oban House, Beeston
What’s on:  Home made cakes, afternoon tea, toasties and sandwiches.    
- – – – – – – -
Sunday 24 August
The Inaugural Beauvale Horticultural Show
Time 1pm – 5pm
Where:  Greasley Sports and Community Centre, Dovecote Road.
What’s on: stalls, demonstrations, a tombola, cream tea and lots more. 
- – – – – – – -
Monday 25 August
Forever Stars Family Fun Day
Where:  The Village Hotel, Chilwell.
What’s on:  Event in aid of Beeston based Forever Stars Charity. BBQ, Fashion Show, Children’s entertainment. 
- – – – – – – -
Wednesday 27 August
Time:  1pm till 6pm  
Attenborough Friendship Group – Coach Trip
Pick up point:  Attenborough Village Hall
What’s on:  A trip to Mansion Mills in Matlock, followed by cream tea at Willersley Castle. Please call Shirley Porter on 0115 922 1183 for full details.

Time:  10am till 1:30pm
Customer Service Course
Where:  The Meeting Place, 22-26 Nottingham Road, Stapleford, NG9 8AA
What’s on:  Please click here for the full details about the course.
- – – – – – – -
Friday 29 August
Time:  7:30am till 11:45am  
Nottingham Country Market
Where:  Wollaton Road Methodist Church, Beeston, NG9 2NG
What’s on: The market takes place every Friday morning. Everything is home grown, home baked and hand crafted.
- – – – – – – -
Saturday 30 August
Time:  6:45pm  
Rumbletums Silver Screen Film Night
Where:  Rumbletums Café, Kimberley
What’s on:  “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. 
- – – – – – – -
Sunday 31 August
Awsworth, Cossall and District Villages Produce Association
Where:  The Gate Inn, Awsworth  
What’s on:  For the full line up and viewing times please click here.  

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Road Closures – 25/8 to 1/9

Councillor Steve Barber:

Road Closures

I’m afraid it’s more bad news. They intend to severely restrict traffic flow around the Queens Road/University Boulevard junction the week after next. From Monday 25 August to Friday 29th there will be no right turn from Queens Road towards town. You will have to turn left to the University roundabout then come back. However, this won’t be good as there is then only a single lane through the works. Then from 8pm on Friday to 5am on Monday it is proposed to get worse with effective a complete week-end closure from our direction. The bus operators have contingency plans made, see their web sites for details

I feel that this is overkill and have questioned whether on top of all the overnight closures under way it is really necessary. I shall let you know once I get a response but felt that I should let you all know first so that you can consider other arrangements. As it stands I would strongly advise avoiding this area if at all possible. Some alternatives which I can think of include:

  • Station Road/Wollaton Road to Derby Road.
  • Queens Road to Meadow Road, Cator Lane and so to Bramcote then Thoresby Road if you are going to the west or north.
  • Train to Nottingham, departures from the Rylands are 07:52, 07:59, 08:09, 08:15, 08:22, 08:38, 09:00, 09:03, 09:08 (in fact just turn up) it takes between 8 and 9 minutes and the return fare is £2.40 or £4.20 to include onward travel by bus or tram. There’s a café on the platform for coffee and bacon cobs. You can hire a cycle in Nottingham for £1 click here if you have a £4.20 Kangaroo ticket.
  • Take the week off!


Full details can be found here.

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Anna Soubry, newsletter

Hello again,
This is a short email about a somewhat serious situation in parts of Chilwell and Beeston.

Around 500 homes and businesses are without their phone land lines and for many, their internet connection. This evening I spoke to BT who have confirmed that 250 metres of cabling has been seriously damaged and needs replacing. Apparently water has got into ducting on Chilwell Road; this may be connected to the tram works. BT cannot say how long their work will take but assure me they are working “round the clock” to get people reconnected. They have also assured me they will give better information tomorrow.

There are particular concerns for people who use their land line as their “Life Line” link. If you know of anyone who has lost this service please let me know immediately and BT assure me they will act quickly to make sure that person is assisted. If you live in the Chilwell/Beeston area please check with any elderly neighbours to make sure they are still connected and if they are not please let me know.

I have also asked BT to leaflet/ write to all households and to provide us with full and frank updates. Last time we faced a similar problem BT provided mobiles for people who were cut off and I have suggested they provide the same this time especially as it looks extremely likely it will be some time before everyone is reconnected.

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Latest Rylands News

That Junction again

Overnight work started a week last Monday and frankly did not get off to a good start. Monday morning (4 Aug) was dreadful caused by traffic light failure compounded by a broken down car at the worst possible point, representations were made to the top. Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit better but Thursday was a disaster. I cycled there at 08:15 to find a queue back to Toton and worsening due to a lane coned off. I found the traffic engineer and a “robust conversation” followed, the cones were gone by 08:20 and I raised the following points with the top management of NET.
▪ The junction must be opened to its maximum available capacity by 05:30 in the morning. If it becomes evident that they will not finish by then the works must be abandoned and filled in.
▪ A traffic engineer must be on duty from 05:30 ready to repair any faults within seconds of them occurring.
▪ Any broken down vehicles should be shifted within 60 seconds of the breakdown. There are enough personnel and heavy shifting plant on site to enable this.

Friday started well but got worse when the permitted non-peak lane closures took place.

Yesterday evening a delivery allegedly occurred at 17:45 involving lane closures and this caused chaos. I ensured senior management were fully aware by start of business this morning and have been assured that investigations are under way.

Today, amidst the total chaos (see below) there were lane closures (authorised) and extensive jams around midday, I cycled there and had a polite but firm conversation, the lane was re-opened shortly afterwards and traffic was flowing smoothly this evening.

Frankly I feel like the Dutch lad with his finger in the dyke. NET and TWA do listen when I “do my nut” about specifics but seem to then forget the whole issue. Thank you for your reports which are very helpful, I try to get there at least once a day but can’t continually monitor the situation. Rest assured that I shall keep pestering them (watch out for me on my bike taking pictures).

I am assured that emergency services can travel through the site, at all times, even when the road is shut.

Utility works

I understand that BT didn’t properly protect some of their equipment from water ingress on Sunday. The result is that around 1000 homes and businesses are without Broadband Connection and emergency repairs are under way. This appears to involve digging up at the vital Wollaton Road/Station Road junction. Little work has actually taken place there all day today and the state at 4.50pm showed a chaotic scene with temporary lights and extensive traffic jams. County Councillor Kate Foale is on to it this evening, questioning if these lights are really necessary and when will they go?

Meadow Road works

As you are probably aware, phase 2 of the works to install a cycle lane over the railway bridge commenced this week. The aim of the works is to eliminate a dangerous section for children from the Rylands cycling to Chilwell School. Below is a statement from the County Council:
The second phase will commence on 11th August and involve the works to the junction with Lilac Grove and the refuge just to the south of the junction. This work will take up to 4 weeks. During this time it will sometimes be necessary to have three-way traffic lights at the junction to keep vehicles at a safe distance from those laying kerbs and re-surfacing. To minimise disruption traffic lights will only be used during off-peak hours and then only when absolutely necessary. Warning signs will go up in advance of the works to inform motorists of possible delays.

I went to see today and traffic seemed to be flowing OK. Please let me know of any problems.

Bus Station

A great deal of nonsense has been said about the new bus station. One Councillor has stated that buses will not be allowed to turn left from Chilwell Road into Middle St by the old police station, which would preclude terminating buses. This is simply not true; here is a statement from the County:

Andy Warrington, Service Director for Highways, said: “There appears to be some confusion about the route buses will be allowed to take after leaving the new interchange at Beeston. I can confirm that the highway plans have always allowed for buses to take a left turn from Chilwell Road into Middle Street.”

So the bus station (which some said wasn’t to be built) can accept terminating buses such as a shuttle from the Rylands. In fact the artist’s impression shows a terminating bus due to start for the City.

Hopefully I’ll have some more positive news soon.

Best Wishes


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More updates on the Travel situation in Beeston from Steve Barber

Traffic Chaos

Yes it’s the University Boulevard traffic management once again to blame; thanks for your feedback it has been most useful. The week started badly with queues back to Dunkirk due to an unnecessary traffic light on the Queens Road filter; I pointed this out immediately but unfortunately it took two days to change it to a give way sign; how many hours of peoples time was wasted? Then they again got the phasing wrong for people coming from the Rylands; it was particularly chaotic on Thursday. It now seems better but there are still problems.

I have had a series of email exchanges this week and frankly my patience is becoming very frayed (not to mention yours). I have pointed out a number of problems including the one illustrated where the constriction and signage seems to indicate one lane and as you can see traffic is forming a single lane. There are further restraints which means buses and lorries have to straddle both lanes and the junction is not being fully used. When you approach this sign and intend to turn right; please form two lanes.

I understand talks are under way as to how best to finish off this junction, this may involve 24 hr working with generous compensation for residents. It’s got to the point now that this is seriously affecting around 10,000 people who use the junction and must be having economic consequences in the Region.


Rail strikes

More bad news for commuters I’m afraid. Unite are calling industrial action which will affect some train services to/from Beeston on Monday to Thursday this week. The information I have is that the London service will more or less be as normal as will the Birmingham/Cardiff Cross Country service. However, the Matlock and Leicester local services will not run. This will have the effect of halving the off-peak service between Beeston and Nottingham. If your train looks like the one pictured or is a long London train it will run, the shorter local trains will not. For instance on Monday morning trains to Nottingham run at 07:32, 07:59,08:27 and 09:00, journey time 6 minutes. Some replacement buses will run but they will probably be extremely unreliable. To check your journey click here


20 mph zones

Cllr Kate Foale has received the following from the County Highways department:

“_Dear Councillor Kate Foale

Nottinghamshire County Council plans to introduce 20mph speed limits outside all schools in the county and as part of this programme the Council is currently considering introducing a 20mph speed limit outside Trent Vale Infant and Nursery School. Speed surveys have been undertaken outside the school and the speed of traffic is considered low enough to indicate that the scheme may be introduced without additional speed reduction features/measures.

As this school falls within your ward I attach the following documents for your information:
• 109 Trent Vale Infant and Nursery School – LR/P.H.IK.61415.02/109 which shows the proposed locations of 20mph speed limit signs around the school
• a colour leaflet which shows the appearance of the sign and what the scheme will include
• a question and answer fact sheet with contact details for further general project information

These documents have been sent to the school for comment as well as being circulated to the appropriate Town/Parish Council and Highways Manager.

Residents who live in close proximity to the proposed signs will be sent copies of the relevant drawings and fact sheet once the school have had the opportunity to comment.

The drawings will then be also available to view here:

It is envisaged that the signage will be implemented before the end of this financial year, i.e. 30th March 2015″

IMG 3125

Bus Station access

The pedestrian access from the bus station to the Square via B&M is to close as from today. You will have to walk along Station Road to the main lights by Birds. I am assured that access to B&M will be retained from the Square. They tried to close this earlier and I kicked up a fuss, but I must now concede that as the works get even closer it has become extremely dangerous (as in my opinion the whole current bus station is). The work is expected to take around 8 weeks and then the footpath will be re-instated along the newly laid tracked area. There is a lot of electioneering rhetoric floating about the new bus station, a lot of which is simply scaremongering rubbish (there will be a bus station). I am establishing a few more facts and will give you a full update once I have them.


Real Time Bus Displays

We have been trying to get more of these into the Rylands as it saves a lot of waiting for late running buses. There cost £6,000 each and unfortunately it seems that no money is currently available in budgets. We shall continue to push for this; it could be an ideal use for developers contributions. In the meantime you can find out when the next 18 or 20 is coming by clicking here. I often use an Android app called Bus Scout, there is also train scout, which give scheduled and live departures.

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Latest from Steve Barber

IMG 3052

University Boulevard

It was scheduled to significantly alter the layout at the University Boulevard and Queens Road junction over the weekend as more road space became available. However, this didn’t seem to happen and there are still people working on it today. I also understand that there will be some lane closures between 09:30 and 15:30. I have asked to be kept up to date with this work and expressed concern about the lane closures, expecting the works to be contained within these hours. and inconvenience kept to an absolute minimum.



Beeston Brownies are looking for adult helpers so they can set up a sixth Brownie pack in Beeston. There are currently five, but there is a long waiting list. Two more helpers would allow them to set up a sixth. Across the county, there are 1,300 girls on waiting lists for Rainbows and Brownies.

Jacqui is the contact – she runs a Brownie pack in the Rylands.

LED bulbs

Free LED Light Bulbs

Janet Poliakoff of Greening Beeston writes: 
Would you like to take part in a trial of LED light bulbs? They want 10 households to take part in the trial. You will be supplied with the bulbs and you will be expected to agree to use them for a month (preferably September) and then be prepared to be filmed being interviewed covering the following points: 
• Perception of LED lighting as opposed to ‘normal’ lighting 
• Reaction from friends and family 
• Any issues with the installation of the lighting and ongoing maintenance 
• Any other feedback 
(You will also be able to keep the LED bulbs at the end, if you wish to.)

If you want to take part, could you let me( as soon as possible? As they want to cover a variety of household types, could you include some information about: 
o the type of house: house or flat; 
o the size of house/flat; 
o the type of household: large family, single person, mixture of young & old, …

IMG 3059

Railway Bridge

Work has now been scheduled to provide a safer cycle lane, particularly for Rylands children attending Chilwell School. The bridge was the most dangerous part of this route. The work will be in two phases. The County Highways Engineer writes: 
Works are scheduled to start on 28th July. In Phase 1 we need to raise the existing steel parapet on the east side of the bridge by 400mm to get the required height for a cyclepath. To complete all 200m or so of parapet will take a week, possibly a day or so more. This is on the opposite side to the accesses to the railway platform and in any case the footway will remain open at all times. I would not anticipate any inconvenience to pedestrians during this time.

The second phase will commence on 11th August and involve the works to the junction with Lilac Grove and the refuge just to the south of the junction. This work will take up to 4 weeks. During this time it will sometimes be necessary to have three-way traffic lights at the junction to keep vehicles at a safe distance from those laying kerbs and re-surfacing. To minimise disruption traffic lights will only be used during off-peak hours and then only when absolutely necessary. Warning signs will go up in advance of the works to inform motorists of possible delays.

Me at station

Regards and enjoy the good weather.


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Anna Soubry…………News

Hello again,
I have some very important news about an Inquest due to begin tomorrow into the death of Stapleford man, John McGrath. I have written a long piece which I hope you will read.

There is quite a mixed bag of news, diary events and a fond farewell in the “and finally….”.

Bluebell meeting

The Bluebell pub in Attenborough is considering whether it could offer parking to commuters using the railway station and who are clogging up the village as there is no station car park.
I met with the Deputy and Area managers on Friday.
Understandably their concern is the potential impact on pub customers. Until we have the results of the Network Rail survey we will not know the numbers; I also suspect the tram works are causing people to use Attenborough rather than Beeston, which is also due to increase car parking space. I will keep you updated on developments.

Kimberley flood – lessons for Trowell and Newthorpe)

I visited Kimberley resident Lori Berry and her family after their home was flooded again after severe rain caused drains to burst in parts of Swingate. The problem appears to be a lack of communication between Severn Trent and Notts County Council which meant the problem was not fixed last July when water and sewerage flooding caused £40,000 of damage to Lori’s house.

Bringing together all the various agencies to tackle long standing flooding problems is one of the reasons why I am meeting the Environment Agency next week; Boundary Brook, Trowell and Thorn Avenue, Newthorpe are high on the agenda!

Chilwell’s Royal Engineers pave the way to Southwell Minster.

I attended today’s service at Southwell Minster to mark the Queen’s Birthday. Well done Chilwell’s 7/3 Engineer Regiment Reserves and 299 (Para) Squadron Royal Engineers who have relaid the long west path. It looked splendid! I need to make amends to a number of readers of this email newsletter who admonished me for not paying tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh who continues to work remarkably hard at the age of 93.
Garden Open Days success

My thanks to everyone who opened up their gardens in Cossall, Beeston and Chilwell last weekend. I enjoyed a great few hours in Cossall, acquired some lovely new plants and met up with local Councillor Lydia Ball for tea and a few buns! Congratulations to the various organisers.

I am asking NET/City Council to offer concessionary and free tickets once the tram line opens not just to bring shoppers to Beeston but also for residents who are suffering during the works.

Beeston consultation
Way behind schedule, this is the view from the constituency office window as the tram works progress in Beeston.
Meanwhile with six months before the tram line opens, Broxtowe Borough Council has announced a survey of residents so folk can have their say on the future of the town. When you see the ideas on offer you may take the view it is too little way too late. I have had various meetings with the Borough Council with ideas for the future of the town but sadly to no avail.
My fear is that the golden opportunity the tram promised to regenerate Beeston as a vibrant town fit for purpose in the 21st century has been lost. I very much hope we get some new dynamic Borough Councillors for Beeston next year with vision and experience. let me know if you fancy standing!

Inquest into the death of John McGrath

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the two week inquest into the death of Stapleford’s John McGrath. It is almost five years since John was killed by his grandson William, who was profoundly ill at the time; Mabel, William’s grand mother was seriously injured in the knife attack at their home in the town.

If you are a long time subscriber to my email newsletter you may remember that in July 2010, not long after I was elected and had had the great honour of meeting the family of John, Mabel and William, I held a debate in Parliament about events leading up to John’s death.

At that time we strongly suspected William, who was seriously ill with paranoid schizophrenia had been very seriously let down by those responsible for his care within the Stapleford community, and his family all but excluded and their concerns ignored.

A report in early 2011, in part confirmed our suspicions. What we didn’t know was the extent of the role of the police in events leading to John’s death.

Two and a half years later and at last the inquest will begin. The Deputy Coroner will hear that William was known to the police in the months leading up to John’s death. Indeed, I discovered that William was suspected of an attempted robbery involving a knife in Bramcote; Notts Police failed to arrest William despite knowing his address, his regular movements, his deteriorating mental illness and the seriousness of the allegation.

William and John’s family found out that the mental health team intended to section William on July 24th 2009 having finally convinced themselves that he was so ill he posed a risk to himself. We now know they also knew William was suspected of the Bramcote attempted robbery. As a result of letters I wrote on behalf of the family, we also discovered that the police finally decided they would arrest William also on July 24th 2009.

Had either the mental team or the police done their job that day then William would have undoubtedly been detained, and given July 24th 2009 was the day he attacked John and Mabel, the terrible incident would never have happened. John would be alive and William would have been properly treated and cared for – he is currently detained in Rampton, he is much better but now living with the knowledge of what he did that dreadful day.

The inquest will dwell on some of the failings of the police and there has been a very lengthy IPCC report into those very serious failings. My own view is that having realised they had failed in their duty to arrest William they covered up the matter – this is a serious allegation which I do not make lightly. There was a secret report; they failed to follow one its recommendations and disclose the report to the people conducting the enquiry into the failings of the mental health team. Had they done so we would have known of their involvement years ago.

I said at the beginning it has been an honour to know the family of John, Mabel and William, and as reports emerge of the Inquest I believe you will understand why I believe we should be immensely proud of this Stapleford family. Throughout everything they have endured (and as you will discover they have put up with a great deal) they have never sought anything other than to make sure no other family suffers as they have, losing a wonderful father, husband and grandfather in an incident that undoubtedly could and should have been prevented. Their aim is to make sure John did not die in vain.

Nuthall Memory Group moves to Rumbletums, Kimberley

The Nuthall Memory Group has now moved to Rumbletums and has become the Nuthall and Kimberley Memory Group. This is a support group for people with dementia and their carers. The group offers games, activities, support, advice and occasional outings. It will meet fortnightly at Rumbletums from 10.30 to 12.30. New members are welcome. The contact for more information is Kate on 9278326.
What’s on in Broxtowe and surgery details
Tuesday 17 June
2nd Attenborough Scout Group – Open Evening
Attenborough Village Hall
Come along to meet the Scout Group, take part in a treasure hunt and enjoy a BBQ. For more information about the evening please click here.
Wednesday 18 June
Re-launch of Kimberley’s branch of WEA
Rumbletums Café, 2A Victoria Street, Kimberley
WEA have been working with Rumbletums to put on a taster course in arts and crafts. For full details please click here.
Beeston Central CAT meeting
7pm till 8:30pm
Queens Road Methodist Church, Beeston
Thursday 19 June
Stapleford South West CAT meeting
7pm till 8:30pm
The Meeting Place, Stapleford
Saturday 21 June
Drop-in Surgery
11am till 1pm
Nursery Man Pub, Beeston
Your opportunity to meet with me to discuss any issues you may have.
Stapleford gets into the summer spirit
11am till 5pm
Walter Parker V.C Square
A great day out for all the family.
Wadsworth Fields Primary School Summer Fair
2pm till 4:30pm
Summer stalls, BBQ, tombola, raffle, fun activities and much more. All process to the school.
And finally ……………………

I am sad to report that Rebecca Maher who joined my constituency team fresh from Uni as a case worker and four years on runs pretty much everything, is leaving at the end of the month. I am however delighted she is going to an amazing job working for the Bank of England. I know many of you will miss her and I want to thank her publicly for her incredibly hard work, notably dealing with the huge number of emails we receive about the tram works! Good luck Rebecca in the new job and we will miss you.


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